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Petroglyphing Data
Phygital Installation

Petroglyphing Data is the very first installation of NUBIA WORLD, this phygital installation can be found on Espronceda Institute of Art and Culture. This installation is the gate to the first Metaverse of NUBIA by Mohsen Hazrate, there you will see the paradox of Petroglyphing Data that talks about the communication before and after nowadays.

The user interaction consists of scanning QR codes through an exclusive mobile application for the project, in which, thanks to an interconnection system, the user communicates with the artwork, being able to change the content displayed on the screens for NFT images. Each QR code in the exhibition activates a different NFT that can be seen represented and reflected on the floor of the installation, as well as on the screens. To make it easier for users, the exhibition features a smart tablet with the application installed.


Components: TV 50” x2, Metal structure, Resin printed pieces, LED lines with the LED light, phone screen, reflective fabric. Size: 1.5 x 1 x 2.5m

Where to visit: C/Espronceda, 326, Naus 4 i 5, Barcelona Collector receives: Digital and physical installation, screens and structure with every component printed in 3D.

Artist: Mohsen Hazrati



Mohsen Hazrati


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Petroglyphing Data - NUBIA Metaverse


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