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Participate in a collective exhibition on the Metaverse and the NFTs that will be held the first week of September 2022 in space ESPRONCEDA.




ESPRONCEDA – Institute of Art & Culture is a Barcelona-based artistic and cultural research and dissemination center. It has exhibition spaces, workshops areas and accommodation for residence.

Espronceda Institute of Art and Culture

IMMENSIVA is a platform, managed by Espronceda, for the creation and innovation on projects that are exploring immersion, interaction and gamification by involving interdisciplinary teams, art driven, who are working with advanced technologies (VR, XR, AI, 3D sound, real time scanners, sensors, robotics and many others). The projects are very experimental and social engaged because IMMENSIVA wish to generate impact in the community and innovation value. Network and partnership with international institutions are building the strength of the platform to attracting talent and to generate opportunities for startup’s creation and international promotion for the developed projects.



NUBIA (NFTs Universe in the Blockchain for International Artists) is a new platform launched by IMMENSIVA. The creation of Metaverses and the generation of new experiences is explored by invited artists. These proposals, between the physical and the digital, are connected to the blockchain economy, through the generation of NFTs associated with digital artistic works and physical works. The Metaverses proposed by the artists have their own rules, they use gamification, immersion and interaction to invite collectors, visitors and experts to be part of the immensity of NUBIA and to experience, interact and socialize in new worlds inhabited by artworks. curatorially selected, and fantastic avatars.



Objective of the call

The artists/ collectives selected in the call will be invited to participate in online workshops/ mentoring during the first week of July and the NFT produced will be exhibited in ESPRONCEDA-Institute of Art & Culture in the 3rd/ 4th week of September 2022. Exact dates will be communicate to the selected participants.

It will be a day to receive feedback from professionals: curators, directors of art centers and platforms, startups, etc, by a pitching online or by the visit during pre-opening.

The projects NFT presented must be completely new, generated specially for NUBIA.

NFT could be associated to a digital work unique piece or edition, an installation work (digital, sound, etc), an interactive digital installation, etc.

All the artist selected will be part of NUBIA community and we will upload their profile in NUBIA website.

Projects that reach the appropriate level could be invited to participate in subsequent exhibitions in Espronceda or in other centers associated with IMMENSIVA.


Selection process

Calls are open for candidates from around the world who have knowledge of advanced technologies, and who have an artistic, creative or technical background. We are searching specially for artists/ creatives from Catalonia/ Spain, but all the nationalities are welcome.

The Open call will be published on May 6th 2022 and will remain open until June 6th 2022.

The finalist candidates will be selected by a professional jury made up of members of the different partners of IMMENSIVA / NUBIA 2022. The selection will be announced the second week of June.

Evaluation criteria

Previous experience in working with NFT/ blokchain projets.

Knowledge of immersive technologies, in order to generate later a Metaverse in NUBIA world.

Artistic concept of the proposal.


What does the residence include

Participants NUBIA call 2022 will have access to training online workshops in advanced technologies and in conceptual creation of NFT/ Metaverse managed by professionals in the field. First week of July 2022.

Espronceda has a limited number of equipment: VR headsets, laptops, PCs, projectors, screens, speakers, etc., that can be used for the exhibition. If the project required other special equipments/ software, artists will have to be financed through external grants.

The NUBIA call does not include travel cost, per diem, or any production cost or artist fees.




NUBIA participants have the obligation to do publicity of NUBIA program from the first moment they are selected, during their work process and after it, using hashtags and logos provided by the organization.

Participants will sign a contract that includes a Smart contract in the blockchain where a copy of the project is transferred to ESPRONCEDA for later dissemination/explotation.

Also, participants will sign the agreement of commissions for NFT sales.

The artists need to provide an executable copy of the project NFT for Espronceda, for which it may require installation on a hardware of the software created, apart they must to deliver a memory with the description of the project and its technical rider for the perfect execution.

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