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Mohsen Hazrati

New media and digital artist

Mohsen Hazrati was born in 1987 in Shiraz, Iran. He graduated with a BA in graphic design from Shiraz Art Institute of Higher Education in 2012, minoring in new media and digital art. His works focus on Literature and digital technologies and have been presented in various conferences and exhibitions such as; IAM weekend, EVA, Elo, UCL mal, TEDx Mollasadra St, PeertoSpadce, RadianceVR, Espronceda, synthesis, Transfer, etc. Since 2013, in collaboration with Milad Forouzande, he has been the co-founder and curator of “Dar-AlHokoomeh Project”; a new media art project and activity, based in Shiraz, Iran.


Petroglyphing Data - NUBIA Metaverse

7.77 ETH

Petroglyphing Data - 3D Phygital Installation

6.35 ETH

Perception of Wine Collectible

0.083 ETH
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