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Lukas Kochendörfer

Architect, Researcher and Media Artist

Lukas Kochendörfer is an architecture student in the masters program
at the University of Innsbruck and member of the Innsbruck based
architecture collective of KRATER FAJAN. His master thesis at the
Experimental Architecture ./studio3 is bridging a gap between the
parallel worlds and paintings created by Hieronymus Bosch then and the
digital spaces we can experience today.

His fist approach was the installation Hieronymus Garden of Digital
Delights – interpretations of agis, which was a digital abstraction of
the garden and presented at the ARS ELECTRONICA’s Keplers Garden
(Barcelona) in 2020. The project was a dome specific experience
depicting the digitally interpreted world of Hieronymus Bosh and
connecting it to paintings spherical world as well as the narrative of
being gazed upon from the outside.


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