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Cenk Güzelis


Architect, Researcher and Media Artist

Cenk Güzelis is an architect, researcher and media artist based in Innsbruck, Austria, currently holding a position as a faculty member and PhD fellow at ./studio3, the Institute for Experimental Architecture, in Innsbruck University. His design projects, teaching and research examine hybrid modes of spatiality and embodiment through performative new media installations revolving around online culture, ubiquitous computing, automated cognition, post-human critique, media studies, IoT, and spatial internet.

His multi-location VR Performance “Artificial Awakening” was nominated for IDFA DocLab Award for Immersive Non-Fiction. In 2020, he exhibited real-time interactive COVID-19 data visualization performance “Above Human” at the Ars Electronica Festival Kepler’s Garden in Barcelona Solar Orchard Garden at Immensiva Espronceda.


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